Our own test department

Van den Hoogen Security is the only security company in the Netherlands that has had its own test department with a hydraulic test bench since 1990. We use this to test mounted hinges. In this way, we retest for ourselves the hinges and fasteners that have been tested and approved by SKG according to the NEN standard. Often with disturbing results.

Testing for certainty

As published in the series of articles 'Peppi & Kokki versus Mickey Mouse', you can see that this testing is very necessary. The standards regularly fall short. And what if our findings are beneath our standards? Then we make the necessary adjustments. Thanks to this working method, our technicians can avail themselves of a unique level of knowledge with the associated installation techniques. This provides extra security. For example, a lock combination that we install endures from between 50-100% (!) more force than an identical lock combination installed by non-Van den Hoogen Security technicians.

Testing with explosives

Van den Hoogen Security has an extensive range of explosion-resistant products. We commission these products to be tested ourselves, so that their safety is guaranteed.



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