Medeco XT access control

nexgen-6 The Medeco XT system is an advanced access control system with a high level of safety and security. The electronic Medeco XT cylinders replace your mechanical locking system. No wiring is required: the key provides power to the cylinder.

Authorisation and logging in one

Authorisation of the key can be set in advance with the user-friendly software and programming station. This can even be time-sensitive, so that risk remains minimised in the event of theft or loss of keys. The key and the cylinder record all activities. The software shows who has been where and when.

With the Medeco XT access control system, you are ready for the future. And the jungle full of keys and lack of oversight is history.

Advanced system with many advantages

  • Flexible programming via user-friendly software
  • Audit trail (logging of who-when-where)
  • Simple installation, so low costs per door
  • Existing lock and fittings remain in place
  • No wiring necessary: the key provides the cylinder with power
  • Advanced security (mechanical and electronic)
  • No wireless, so no wireless electro-smog
  • Memory storage in key and in cylinder
  • Protection against loss and theft through limitation on validity
  • No interference in your ICT systems, hosting by Van den Hoogen Security is possible

Comparison with wired (on-line) systems

Medeco XT is a wireless system. Existing mechanical cylinders are quickly and easily replaced by electronic Medeco XT cylinders. The creation of a network is not necessary. This makes the installation and material costs per door just a fraction of those of wired (on-line) systems.

Every Medeco XT key can be programmed with an expiration date/moment. The key is then activated up until a given day or for just that given day. Then, the key no longer works. To extend the period of use, the user must present the key to the computer via a programming station (photo right). Information from the key is then automatically sent to the server and the new authorisation is assigned. One advantage of daily authorisation is that the software system is updated daily with all the activities performed with the keys.

The Medeco XT key is equipped with a chip for authorisation and a battery for power. So the key is slightly larger than the card or electronic teardrop from a wired (on-line) system.

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