Bespoke hinges and locks

Standard wherever possible, bespoke wherever necessary

High risk requires a high level of security. However, the Dutch (NEN) and European (CEN) standards fall short when it comes to High Risk security. The many successful break-ins/robberies at high-risk properties are evidence of that. That's why we use our own Van den Hoogen standard. A standard that's extensively tested and that truly stands up in the real world. We develop bespoke solutions wherever this is necessary, in the knowledge that the large manufacturers are simply slow in adjusting to criminals' daily practices. And you're not about to wait for them to catch up.

Bespoke hinges and closures of our own make - both safe and beautiful to look at.

Both strong and beautiful

Criminals use ever-heavier means of attack in order to be successful. This demands more severe measures such as extra-heavy-duty hinges and closures and extra-reinforced windows and doors. Quite safe, but generally not so lovely in their standard form. To keep your home or business from looking like a bunker, we fashion these items to order in our instrument-making atelier. Because beautiful and strong can, indeed, go hand in hand. This requires deep knowledge and experience. And special material and (installation) techniques. And this is exactly what we possess. It's how we make good on our promise: creating a secure environment.

Photos 1 and 2: bespoke stainless steel design plate with integrated stainless steel handle. An anti-core pulling rosette around the cylinder.
Photo 3: bespoke stainless steel rosette set secured in a sunken fashion on the outside.
Photo 4: bespoke T-needle construction with door clamp.
Senior Consultant at an independent consultancy:

Van den Hoogen Security comes up with good solutions based on the requirements set. I know of no other company that operates at this level.