Software hosting

computerslot The hosting of software security solutions runs through our own, heavily secured servers. Adjustments to your own ICT systems are not necessary. We use encryptions and securities that are many times stronger than those in electronic banking communications. For this reason, your hosting is in safe hands with us.

Advantages to hosting at Van den Hoogen Security

  • Servers (real time) and back-up servers at differing, heavily secured own locations.
  • Servers are in heavily secured server vaults.
  • Logging in occurs via a stringent protocol including name, password and token.
  • Software with the toughest triple encryption.
  • No cloud solutions (farming-out of infrastructure with the associated security risks).
  • In-house specialists for certainty and continuity.
  • No expensive acquisition of hardware and software is necessary.
  • No user training is necessary.
  • Extensive report possibilities in many file types.
  • Independent organisation, so no manipulation of authorisations and transactions register (audit trail).
Facilitair manager at a high-risk company:

Criminality is one of the worst things that can happen to a company. 99% of the time, it's their own personnel.