Keybox key safe

Key management often takes a back seat

Care organisations manage dozens, sometimes hundreds of keys for their home care clients. In practice, this often leads to problems:

  • Home care employees lose a lot of time picking up and returning keys at the central key post.
  • Key management is complicated, certainly if multiple caregivers are involved and there are multiple keys for one and the same client.
  • For clients living in a complex with a central closed entrance, two keys are usually necessary to gain access to the client's home.
  • Special provisions are necessary to govern safety, liability and privacy.
  • Hardware, supervision and employee efforts all have costs.
  • Despite all the measures, keys are regularly lost.
  • Blaming employees, for example, where theft occurs without evidence of a break-in.

Clever key safe simplifies key management

The Keybox key safe from Van den Hoogen Security, in combination with a Medeco XT cylinder, solves all these problems. The Keybox is installed on the door or windowsill of a home care client. The home care client's house key goes into the Keybox and this is securely closed with an electronic Medeco XT cylinder. The home care employee can open all the Keyboxes in his or her region with one Medeco XT key. And authorisation can be assigned and changed simply with the user-friendly software.


Medeco XT with Keybox, intended for installation on the hinge side of the door

Access logging

The Keybox registers who opens and closes a Keybox, where and when. So it's access and logging in a single system. This can be helpful for differences of opinion over expenses and liability, for example.


  • One key provides access to all key safes.
  • Authorisation is simple and can be programmed with an expiration date.
  • Each visit is logged: who, when, how long.
  • Watertight access control.
  • Safe and SKG-tested key safe.
  • Minimal investment.
  • Low installation costs.
  • No wiring necessary.
  • No interference with your own ICT systems.

Multiple types

The Keybox is an unobtrusive design and small. If home care clients still don't want a Keybox at their front door, then there are also alternatives. An overview of the possibilities:
  • Keybox on the hinge side of the door
  • Keybox on the front of the house
  • Keybox in the fittings. All the fittings get replaced by SKG** tested fittings with the keybox integrated into the door handle (photo 1)
  • Keybox as door handle (when closed, photos 2 and 3)
Photo 1: Medeco XT with Keybox, mounted on a faceplate of a complete insert lock
Photos 2 and 3: Medeco XT with Keybox in the handle of the front door trim with built-up lock

Key management and hosting

We can take care of key management and hosting for you so that you can focus on your care organisation's core tasks.