Hinges and locks

One in five Dutch people is the victim of a break-in. Don't make it easy for the burglars. Secure your belongings with good hinges and locks. In our Security Center you'll find a broad range of locks, sash locks, cylinders, hinges, decorative) closures, security closures, burglary-resistant closures and other security measures. In various styles and brands. Our valuable professional knowledge comes with it. Knowledge of the products, but also of how they work in the real world against burglars. Because that, of course, is what it's all about.


We have a wide range in stock and under maintenance - from simple ones to the most secured lock cylinders of all brands, dimensions and designs. With or without certificate (copy-protection). With this, we can answer even the most specific requests. We make identical cylinders in-house so that you can open all doors with a single key. Safe and easy.

(Decorative) hinges and closures

beslag Beautiful and safe usually don't go together when describing hinges. In our Security Center, we'll show you the exceptions to the rule. In addition to the familiar aluminium hinges, you'll find a lovely collection of design hinges in security versions of brass, stainless steel, aluminium or "antique iron". Both beautiful and strong down to the smallest detail. To keep everythng aligned, you'll also find that we carry matching interior door fittings. Door handles, for example, rosettes, drawer pulls and knobs, doorstops and even bathroom accessories.


Poorly installed hinges and closures are constant security problems. That's why we also take care of the installation if requested. Then you can be absolutely certain that everything works, as it should. We install not only hinges and closures, but we also install every security product that we sell that requires installation.