Emergency exit equipment

Emergency and escape doors provide people with a rapid escape route in the event of an emergency. These doors must be able to be opened quickly from the inside and they must be sufficiently burglar-resistant from the outside. A tough combination. A door with a standard emergency approved crash bar is, after all, easy to open from the outside. And from a security standpoint, you'd prefer not to have that.

Conflicting requirements

vluchtweg 1 And then there are the requirements of the fire department. These often conflict with the desired burglary resistance. And that has insurance consequences. Standard solutions that meet all the requirements are few and far between.

Bespoke work provides the solution

On this conflicting playing field, we are an inventive partner with innovative solutions. We have knowledge of security and the law. And we supplement this with our own development department and instrument-making atelier. With this, we develop bespoke solutions for you that do justice to all these conflicting requirements. That's what we call security.
Senior security consultant at an independent consultancy:

Van den Hoogen Security comes up with good solutions based on the requirements set. They think along with you and tell you honestly if something is not possible or not desirable.