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How do I secure my home? How do I prevent theft in my organisation? How do I protect my loved ones and myself from criminals? With Van den Hoogen Security! Experts with professional knowledge and burglars' knowledge. That's how you keep out every type of criminal - from the petty thief to the well-prepared assailant.
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Engineered security

With the Van den Hoogen Security standard, you get proven engineered solutions for securing your residence or company building. From condo to mansion, from small shop to national bank. We offer the best solution for every risk profile.

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For private individuals and companies

  • Residential security


    Engineered security for residences

  • Corporate security


    Engineered security for corporate buildings

  • Vaults and safes


    New and used vaults and safes
    Vault opening without damage

  • High Risk residential security


    High Risk (VIP) security for residences

  • High Risk corporate security


    High Risk security for corporate buildings

  • Locks and keys


    All brands of locks and keys,
    mechanical and electronic


  • New: Medeco XT access control system

    Medeco xt uitgelicht
    Medeco XT is an advanced access control system with a high level of safety and security. Installation is rapid and inexpensive. No wiring is required: the key provides power to the cylinder. Migrating from an existing mechanical lock system to the Medeco XT system is very easy. You need only replace the cylinders. Read more about this modern access control system.
  • Testing with explosives

    Criminals increasingly use explosives for their criminal activities. This is an explosive development that requires alert security. Van den Hoogen Security has conducted an extensive series of tests with explosives. With the aim of determining the resistance of various types of walls and doors against various explosives in differing quantities. We apply this knowledge in the course of our security projects. So that you're not faced with unpleasant surprises.

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Proven solutions

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