Access management

Independent access control management

Every system must be managed. This also applies to access control systems. You can outsource its management. This is often cheaper and makes you less dependent on your own personnel. Professional management reduces risks, certainly when multiple parties (contractors, suppliers, maintenance companies, etc.) have access to your company.

Prevent 'autopsies'

Management determines the requirements; control is done by a lower echelon. Generally, knowledge of all the particular security and legal ins and outs is limited. This causes the level of security to decrease with each passing day. In the event of an emergency, the only thing left to do is an 'autopsy' to see where things went wrong. You can prevent this with professional management.

No manipulation possible

If you outsource the management to us, then we establish the principles forcibly and a single time in our management system together with your authorised managers. Agreements are implemented without exception and without manipulation. Because - you know how it is: in every company there is wiggle room that is undesirable from a security standpoint. As long as we take care of the management, then everything proceeds according to the agreement. And the desired level of security remains intact.

Independent conclusions in the event of emergencies

In the event of a serious emergency, our administration is determinant. This makes it easier to establish who is responsible. The conclusions of an independent organisation are usually accepted earlier by the employees involved and by other parties.
Facilitair manager at a high-risk company:

Criminality is one of the worst things that can happen to a company. 99% of the time, it's their own personnel.