Vaults and safes

A safe or vault protects money, valuable objects and information (paper and data) from theft, fire and fraud. In our Security Center in Arnhem, you'll find a broad range of safes, vaults, fire-resistant safes, vault doors and locks in all sizes, versions and brands. We'll help you, of course, with a good recommendation, by taking care of the placement and by adjusting the safe to your wishes.

Brand-independent advice from the master safecrackers

No one can inform you better than our specialists who open safes daily. We know the strengths and weaknesses of all safe products, both in theory and in practice. We give you professional and brand-independent advice. So that you get a reliable solution that fits with your specific situation.

The rating isn't everything

These days, safes are built and tested according to the European CEN standard. But this doesn't mean that you can compare safes with the same standard level (rating). You can read more about this in the (Dutch) article Ratings and classes and in a series of articles in the (Dutch) trade magazine Beveiliging (editions 11, 12 and 13).  Our experts can also tell you more about this.

Prevent a bad buy

In the Netherlands, many inferior quality vaults and safes are sold. They would appear to have thick doors and heavy-duty dead latches. For example, the safe in the photos below has a 100 mm-thick door with 30 mm dead latches. This gives the impression of strength, but appearances deceive. The material thickness for the locking mechanism is only 6 mm on this safe! Its fire resistance is limited, so if push comes to shove, you lose everything. Prevent a bad buy and buy at the true specialist's.


safes 1 safes 2
A safe with a thick door and heavy-duty dead latches. Nonetheless, your valuables are still not safe in this!