Opening safes

Have you lost the key or combination to your vault or safe? We can open it - (nearly) undamaged. We open everything, regardless of brand, type, weight or the nature of the problem. Even the vault at De Nederlandsche Bank. And because we have faith in our own abilities, we do this on a no cure no pay basis.

Possible problems when opening safes

  • missing key or combination
  • unsuccessful break-in attempt
  • broken-off handle
  • stuck or rusted-shut door
  • broken-off safe key
  • ruined safe key and safe lock from opening the safe door against the wall (with the key still in the lock)
  • defective time lock (also when it's no longer in use)
  • broken hinge
  • emergency locking system that has been activated
  • disconnected part of the mechanism
  • disconnected plunger/dead latch
  • mechanical or electronic lock missing
  • ...

Master safecracker opens every safe

Kluis2 Van den Hoogen Security is specialised in opening safes (nearly) undamaged. Founder Wim van den Hoogen learned the trade from legal master safecrackers Toon Schoffelmeer and Henk Bergervoet. Many years of training followed, both at home and abroad, along with practical exchanges with safecracker colleagues from around the world.

He is now a master safecracker himself and shares his unique knowledge with his employees. They know how to open every safe (nearly) without damage.

Know whom you're letting in to your home

You'll find all sorts of companies on the Internet for which there is no information or very little about the owners. They still claim fantastic results for the lowest price. Price is, of course, important. But so is trust. You should know whom you're allowing in the door (see our employees). At Van den Hoogen Security, results and trust go hand in hand.

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