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Engineered security goes further than good hinges and closures and break-in detection. It is an interplay of people, engineering measures and technique, and it hinges on the management and reduction of risks. It demands a planned approach and perfect coordination of all resources and measures.

A complete range: from analysis to maintenance

We start each security project with a risk analysis and an inventory of the objectives and wishes. We elaborate these into a security plan tailored to your specific situation. For this, we use the four pillars of security: Organise, Signal, Delay and Follow up. We then take care of the implementation of the security plan and perform after-care for the security plan

Four pillars of security

We agree to the desired level of security and supply and install the appropriate measures. Implementation in the organisation follows this. This is important because the responsibilities, procedures, scenarios and rules for the use of the system must be clear and transparent for everyone. And they must be a part of the standard working method.
We determine which technical equipment is necessary for early signalling of any undesirable activity. And we coordinate the installation of this equipment. Consider electronic signalling, for example, or observation, registration and control products.
The objective of delaying is to stop an intruder. Or to prevent a small fire from turning into personal injuries and/or damage to the business. For this, we install compartmentalising, limiting and engineering measures. Such as fencing, safes, locks and fire- and burglar-resistant walls, doors and windows, grates and shutters.
Early detection (before they get in) must lead to rapid follow-up, so that the police, fire department and/or other emergency services can arrive within the set time of delay and so that damage remains limited. Upon request, we make binding agreements to this end with follow-up services.

Keep your security at the desired level

Security is a continuous process. That's why the maintenance of the measures taken is one of our core activities. In practice, good maintenance is often neglected - resulting in a decrease in the original level of security after a short time. A waste of your investment! We maintain the technical solutions, monitor the organisational measures and conduct security audits as necessary. So that the desired level of security is maintained or even increased.
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