High Risk Corporate Security

High-risk companies must be accessible but safe. This requires engineering security that goes (far) beyond standards. Practical knowledge and applied security solutions are essential to this. Van den Hoogen Security delivers both. Our strength is in reducing the risks that apply to your specific situation.

Integral approach to security

In High Risk corporate security, the expected attack techniques are heavier or smarter than the standard MO presumed by the Dutch (NEN) and European (CEN) norms. In other words: the criminals are smarter and they use bigger guns. And there are no good regulations that cover all these aspects of security. That's why High Risk corporate security requires a collaborative approach by experts in the areas of engineering, organisation and electronics. To this, we add our practical knowledge of break-ins - an essential but often missing factor in security projects.

Perfect coordination for optimal results

In this collective approach, Van den Hoogen Security delivers the engineering aspects. And, preferably, the coordination of the entire security project. With a single point of contact, the coordination is perfect. And the reliability and effectiveness of the combined security measures are optimal. Important, since security is only as strong as the weakest link.

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Criminals don't steal buildings, you must secure a process. This requires insight into risk and knowledge of the risks. Van den Hoogen Security has that.