Access control systems

Access control systems monitor who gets access, where and when. The system recognises the key (tag or card), determines whether this is authorised for that place and time and then provides/denies access based on this. You determine how you will apply the system. You can monitor entrances and exits, but also who gets access to certain spaces. This places a significant barrier against criminality. Both from inside and from outside.

On-line systems (wired systems)

An electronic access control system is flexible. Access can be changed quickly, without issuing a new key. A lost key can be blocked quickly, without the costs and problems associated with the loss of a regular key. In addition to monitoring, you can also register the presence of persons chronologically. Useful at the reception desk, for example. And an important instrument for emergency and evacuation plans.

Semi on-line systems (wireless systems)

Semi on-line systems with electronic cylinders are more flexible than regular mechanical locks. Wiring is usually not necessary. This often means lower installation and management costs than with on-line systems. Lost keys can usually be blocked quickly and registration is also possible. See Medeco XT, an advanced access control system with a high level of safety and security.

Tighten your security

schildgroen There are many easy-to-manipulate electronic systems on the market. So get good advice. Van den Hoogen Security has years of experience in the installation and maintenance of small and large access control systems. And has valuable, practical burglars' knowledge that can tighten up your security. Call +31 263610909 for a no-obligation recommendation or send an e-mail with your questions or wishes.
Director of a large university with a high-risk profile:

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