Antique fire-resistant safes

Beautiful antique fire-resistant safes are becoming increasingly rare. Now and then we're lucky enough to find a striking one to add to our collection. Often painted with wood grain and with beautiful hinges. Some of these pieces in the collection are for sale. You'll find them in our Security Center.

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This beautiful Boulle cabinet houses a safe from P. Haffner.


The safe above has a unique wooden cabinet inlaid with the Boulle technique. The safe opens with a four-letter code key and a special pump safe key. The ugly safe was hidden in this manner. It's still possible to cover safes in this way. It's just that there are few companies that know how to do this, so the prices reflect this.

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André Charles Boulle (1642-1732)

The Frenchman André Charles Boulle followed in his father's footsteps as a furniture maker. In 1672, Boulle was established as an artist to the court in the Louvre, the royal palace in Paris, where he worked for the French king Louis XIV. His atelier was famous for furniture with floral motifs, executed with refined inlays of wood, metal, tortoise shell and ivory. Boulle inlay was a household term in the 18th century. Designs from his studio were copied well into the 19th century.

Other items in the collection

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Magnificent interior

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