Installation and maintenance

The proper working of a security product depends on proper installation. For this, we have utterly precise technicians on the payroll who work with respect for your home or business building. They also use special installation techniques that increase the delay time considerably.

For the installation of

  • burglar-resistant hinges and closures (mechanical and electrical)
  • design decorative closures and door handles
  • escape route closures on all (existing) doors
  • locking systems
  • security glazing
  • security doors and walls
  • grates
  • roller shutters
  • sliding gates
  • vaults and safes
  • door closers and automatic doors
  • automatic revolving and sliding doors
  • climb-limiting provisions
  • special bespoke solutions
  • etc.

Maintenance contract

Good maintenance extends the operational life of your security investment. Unsafe situations may arise due to damage or wear. If you have a maintenance contract, then your alarm gets priority, also outside our area. It's a service that one hopes is never required, but which you really appreciate if the time comes. For example, if the fastenings no longer work due to defects or break-in damage. Or in case of loss or theft of keys. Or in case of summary dismissal of an employee. You can depend on our service - also during the weekend and on national holidays. After each round of maintenance, you receive a clear report of the maintenance work activities performed.

Response restore

Is continuity of business operations essential? Then maintenance with response restore is a good choice. This means that a qualified technician is present on your premises (response) within a previously defined timespan. And that the malfunction is resolved (restored) to an acceptable level within a previously determined timespan, so that the situation is returned to security.
What clients say about our employees:

A perfectly trained team. Very polite and incredibly meticulous. They think along with you - with innovation and inventiveness. And they work really neatly.