Listed corporate buildings

Architectural changes to listed buildings are often complicated. But not impossible. We have come up with and implemented bespoke solutions that are both beautiful and strong, in cooperation with architects and municipal authorities.

Example: Arnhem Museum of Modern Art

For the Museum of Modern Art, situated in a listed building in Arnhem, we implemented a total security concept together with an independent consultancy and an installation company. All spaces are secured as compartments with provisions that are nearly invisible to the public, including:
  • reinforced (detection-) walls, floors and grating
  • HSD break-in-resistant automatic sliding doors (vault lock door, electrically operable via the access control system, developed ourselves - see photo 1)
  • double break-in-resistant glazing in a design profile, invisible behind existing finish (photo 2)
  • HSD double-winged revolving doors (photos 3 and 4)
  • reinforced depots

mmka-hsd-braakwerende-schuifdeurmmka-dubbele-braakwerende-beglazing mmka-hsd-dubbelvleugelige-draaideur-2mmka-hsd-dubbelvleugelige-draaideur

informatieWant to know how we can secure your listed business building? With respect for its history? 
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Director of an influential museum:

Van den Hoogen Security translates the desired level of security into technically advanced solutions. They're really good at it.