Medeco XT applications

nexgen-4 The Medeco XT system is an advanced access control system with a high level of safety and security. Wiring is not necessary. Thanks to the ease of installation, the applications are innumerable.

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Banks often outsource the management of ATMs. This party administers the ATM space, including the provision of access. Various parties must have access to this space, such as:
  • cash- and value transport companies to fill the machines
  • alarm responders to assist the police on-site after an alarm has been sounded
  • service party provides other companies with access to this space for various work activities
  • representatives of the administering party
Equipping the ATM spaces with Medeco XT cylinders offers practical advantages:


The loss or theft of a mechanical (group) key is immensely costly. All the cylinders to which the particular key had access must be rebuilt or replaced. Situations are known in which the robber entered the space with a key that fit while the ATM was being filled. That also cost a lot. Not to mention the emotional damage to the personnel who endured the robbery situation.


In the event of theft or loss, the Medeco XT system shows immediately and clearly who opened the door and with which key. This allows costs to be recovered. With mechanical keys, this is difficult to establish, especially when multiple keys are circulating.


An on-line system is often not an option because of the high cost per door and the associated costs of infrastructure. Moreover, administration is not easily maintained. The Medeco XT system offers a safe and affordable alternative that is quick and easy to install. If so desired, hosting and management can be outsourced to Van den Hoogen Security.

Parking payment machines

Parking payment machines are not always monitored 24 hours a day. This makes them an easy target for criminals (and/or dishonest employees). Replacing all the cylinders in case of loss or theft of the key costs a lot of money and is a significant bother. Solid locking with registration of the date, moment and key is a requirement for proper administration. This is exactly what the Medeco XT system offers. And no network connection with the server from the parking payment machines, no changes to infrastructure and no interference in your ICT systems are required for this. Hosting and management can be outsourced to Van den Hoogen Security. Medeco XT gives you an advanced access control system for lower costs per parking payment machine.


The number of windmills is growing explosively. That makes key management complex and the monitoring of people who have access to the windmills is difficult. Medeco XT makes this task easy. Within one minute, the existing mechanical Euro cylinder is replaced by an electronic Medeco XT cylinder. Even without infrastructure, network or power supply, the Medeco XT functions as a complete access control system. Ideal for windmills spread across a large area. The administrator can control who has access to a windmill and when. An added advantage: the system enables a check on the invoicing from maintenance companies. It registers exactly who has had access and when.

Listed buildings

In listed buildings, it's often not possible or permitted to install wiring for access control. Medeco XT is the perfect solution for this. By replacing the existing cylinders in the locks, you have a complete and advanced access control system. Drilling or installing a network? Not necessary! The existing situation remains intact. For a fraction of the price of a wired system. And without affecting the valuable characteristic nature of the building. Do the doors have an antique bitted lock or lever lock? Then we'll make a fitted key in our own instrument-making atelier. And we'll change the fittings so that it all keeps looking beautiful.

Museums, theatres, jewellers, ...

Medeco XT can also be supplied as a showcase lock. Simple to install and to move (think, for example, of a temporary exposition). This makes access control for showcases possible at low cost. Even checkpoints can be installed, for registration of guard rounds. If you also equip the regular locks (partially) with a Medeco XT cylinder, the entire building can be integrated into one access control system, including the showcases and checkpoints.

Utility rooms

Key management for utility rooms is complex. Various people from various companies must have (nationwide) access. Experience shows that the overview quickly disappears. That can lead to significant problems such as false invoicing, leaks in the security and reliability conflicts in the event of incidents. With the Medeco XT system, you always know which keys are in circulation and where these are used. Only authorised persons with permission have access. All activities are logged, so that you can see which rooms have been entered and by whom at just the touch of a button. The system's preventive effect has proven itself. Third-party invoices (subcontractors) can be checked quickly. Medeco XT gives you access control at multiple locations managed from a single system.

Candy and soft drink vending machines

Vending machines can also be fitted with a Medeco XT cylinder. Not a lock with a mechanical key that's difficult to manage, but safe Medeco XT locks in combination with monitoring and logging.

Construction sites and fencing

Access control using padlocks. This is possible with the Medeco XT cylinder padlock. Fences, for example, can be closed off safely with this. A clever solution for contractors who work with subcontractors.

Traffic regulation equipment

At crossings with traffic lights, cabinets of equipment are present to set the traffic lights. Various parties have access to parts of this equipment. The Medeco XT system makes it evident who has (had) access to the cabinets. This helps prevent incidents and provides a clear inventory should incidents nonetheless occur.