Repair and restoration

Repair and restoration of safes, safe doors and safe locks

We repair and restore all sorts of safes, safe doors and locks, regardless of the type of problem.

Possible problems

  • missing key or combination
  • unsuccessful break-in attempt
  • broken-off handle
  • stuck or rusted-shut door
  • broken-off safe key
  • ruined safe key and safe lock from opening the safe door against the wall (with the key still in the lock)
  • defective time lock (also when it's no longer in use)
  • defective hinge
  • emergency locking system that has been activated
  • disconnected part of the mechanism
  • disconnected plunger/dead latch
  • problem with a mechanical or electronic lock
  • ...

Rebuilding safes

Would you like to replace the key lock on your old safe with a modern electronic combination lock? It's possible. We can adjust the locking mechanism or arrangement of the safe to your specification. Call us on +31 26 361 09 09 or send us an e-mail with your request.

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A beautifully restored round safe door from Lips. We have all the knowledge and parts in-house to repair and restore all sorts of safes - from small to big.

What clients say about our employees:

The employees take the utmost care in their work, down to the last screw.