Master in engineered security

Van den Hoogen Security is master in engineered security. We have a unique combination of knowledge, specialists, products and services. And we complement that with essential practical experience.


We reduce security risks, thereby contributing to a secure environment. You can see how we do that in the video below.


We advise, develop, supply and maintain engineered security for private individuals and companies. From residence to museum, from the smallest retailer to the buildings of cash and valuables transport companies. We are knowledgeable, precise and service-oriented so that our customers return satisfied and enthusiastic.

Core values


    The utmost goal in our company is offering personal security. For this, you can rely without doubt on our provision of service and integrity. We screen all our employees each year as an extra measure for safeguarding integrity.


    He who reaches for the best never stops learning. We are constantly searching for ways to bring our craftsmanship and service to an even higher level.


    Ever since its founding in 1976, Van den Hoogen Security has grown, along with the realisation that success can only be sustained if all employees work with the same vision. Helping and training each other is an important core value and a condition for working with us. Important? Yes, because everyone makes mistakes. At Van den Hoogen Security, the colleagues signal that and they correct the mistake immediately. In this way, each error becomes an opportunity for learning how to do better.


    Making money is essential for a company to function well. But it's not our highest objective. A reasonable profit is good enough for us. A large part of the profit redounds to the customer through our investment in improved service and in reliable, motivated, well-trained personnel.

Our specialisations

  • Engineered security
  • High Security engineered security
  • Advice and audits
  • Our own testing and research and development centre
  • Vaults and opening vaults
  • Key and lock specialist

Security with vision

A good security system is the sum of vision, organisation and technique. Such that all measures are coordinated with each other for optimal efficiency. A safe only makes sense if you store your valuables in it. That's the nub of security: coordinating the human, technical and engineering aspects. We back this up with decades of trade knowledge and practical experience. So that you get a security solution that is both appropriate and proven for every specific risk profile. This is the basis for your security and our success.

Keeping criminals out

"100% security is unachievable and unaffordable", says Wim van den Hoogen, founder and owner of Van den Hoogen Security. "The point is to keep criminals out for as long as possible while taking the factors of knowledge, attack resources and time into account". These are the same factors used for national standards (NEN) and international (CEN) standards. It's just that Van den Hoogen has not yet met any criminal willing to make binding commitments for abiding by the standards. "In practice, the standards are just not sufficient. With over 35 years of experience, we know exactly where they fall short. And how to solve this. Our knowledge is your safeguard for security that not only deters, but that also stands up and practice".
Head of security at an international High Risk cash and valuables transport company:

Van den Hoogen Security is unique. They are like no other. They set themselves apart by their extremely personal and involved approach.