Construction support and development

For both new construction and renovation projects, we can act as your "security architect". We safeguard your security interests during the building process. Real-world examples show that this is quite necessary. These examples make the news daily: break-ins at cash transport companies, museums and ATMs. Break-ins at the homes of board members. Why? Because no practical knowledge of burglary was deployed during development.

Strong down to the smallest detail

bouwbegeleiding 1Often, a globally written recommendation from an independent consulting company will serve as the basis for (re-) construction. This recommendation refers to standards. However, there are no standards for keeping tough criminals out of the mid- and high-level risk environments! The recommendations provide direction, but do not go into engineering detail. And it's precisely these details that criminals exploit. We call this "paper clips in the chain".

With our knowledge of burglars, we make each link in the security chain equally strong. And exactly at the detailed level, because criminals make use of even the smallest security holes. We supplement the architect's plans with our unique knowledge of burglary techniques. If you involve us at an early stage in the design process, then we can ensure, in consultation with the architect, that the design is both beautiful and strong.

Standard wherever possible, bespoke wherever necessary

Often, building materials for High Risk engineered security are not regularly available in stock. In close consultation with various market participants, we supply bespoke electrically operated windows, roofs, skylights and (strongroom) doors, among other things. Tailored to your specific situation.

What are the security risks?

What are the security risks in your organisation? Our risk experts take a very close look at your organisation, viewed through the eyes of the criminal. For this, up-to-date knowledge of burglary techniques is necessary, our speciality! Consulting companies advise according to the standards (CEN-NEN). But these are not sufficient for the mid- and higher-level risk segments. Why not? Because no one has yet been able to make binding agreements with criminals to force them to rely on standardised attack techniques.

Your choice for Van den Hoogen Security means

  1. Proven and practical knowledge of burglary at the highest level.
  2. Years of experience in construction support for middle and high-level security risk segments (cash and valuables transport companies, money counting offices, banks, laboratories for human infectious bacteria and high-risk museums).
  3. No-nonsense, knowledgeable professionals.


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Van den Hoogen Security has considerable specific knowledge of high security projects. They know what they need to do and what they're up to.