Locking plans and locking systems


With a locking plan - also called a locking system, key plan, key system or main key system - you determine who has access to which space. A good locking plan increases security and reduces the number of keys and locks.

Advantages of a locking plan

  • More security with fewer keys
  • More convenience - only one key is necessary for all the relevant doors
  • Simpler key management
  • More control - determine yourself who has access to which space

You get brand-independent advice

Van den Hoogen Security works independent of brands. We use your wishes, requirements and circumstances as the starting point. And we choose the most appropriate locking system for this. Each locking system has advantages and disadvantages, of course. We evaluate each system for its suitability. This prevents 'system errors'.

Prevalent 'system errors'

  • Keys are easy to copy (legally and illegally).
  • Patents are not watertight.
  • Patent duration has (nearly) lapsed.
  • After lapsing of a patent, keys are easy to duplicate.
  • Locks are easy to prick open or to manipulate (cylinder tapping).
  • With the loss of a main key, the locking plan cannot always be changed.
  • The high price of expansion.
  • Keys are prone to wear and break off easily.
  • Keys are sensitive to malfunctions from dust, dirt and weather.
  • Various key profiles.

Locking plan calculation software

computer We work with professional locking plan calculation software. With this, extensive and complicated locking plans can be drawn up. The consequences of the loss or theft of a main or mono-key are directly visible. By changing the underlying cylinders and adjusting the necessary keys, the leak in the locking plan is quickly fixed. And the purchase of a new locking system is not necessary.

Locking plan matrix

A locking plan matrix is a handy aid for drawing up a locking plan. It's an Excel document in which you specify both users and spaces. You indicate with checkmarks who has access to which space. An example of a filled-in locking plan matrix (pdf, Dutch)
An example of a filled-in locking plan matrix (pdf, English)
An empty locking plan matrix to fill in yourself (pdf)

Why order a locking system at Van den Hoogen Security?

  • We work independent of brands. You get the system that fits with your situation.
  • Our lockmakers and key specialists work with disparate locking plans every day. And they know the advantages and disadvantages of every brand of locking system. You won't face any nasty surprises.
  • Our lockmakers have the knowledge and experience to draw up a locking system with a long life. You will enjoy your locking system for a long time and can depreciate it over many years.
  • Affordable pricing of all sorts of locking systems. In terms of price, too, you make a good buy.
  • Rapid delivery. Rapid profit from your system.
  • Making changes to a locking system in-house - for example, after the theft of a main key. Your level of security is maintained.
  • Expansion in a locking system with an extra cylinder in a special length? This is possible within one day. Need extra locking plan keys? Ready directly at our counter. Service and comfort.

Good key management is part of a locking plan.

computerslotGood key management is an important condition for maintaining the desired level of security of your locking plan. Van den Hoogen Security works with a professional software management system. With this, we can take care of key management and the associated resupply procedures. Management reporting and audits are also among the possibilities.

lamp2You can read more information about locking systems in the (Dutch) article: Nieuw sluitsysteem - Weet wat u koopt. For a good locking plan, call +31 26 361 09 09 or send us an e-mail.
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