Second-hand vaults and safes

Purchasing a second-hand safe comes with risks. 'Repaired' safes also come onto the market that have been in fires. And safes that previously had deposit openings (holes) as weak points. We also see safes whose closing mechanisms have been adjusted in such an amateurish way that it makes things really easy for criminals. And safes for which the salesman keeps an extra key for himself. Troublesome, particularly when this causes problems for you with your insurance company.

Get good advice

Prevent unpleasant surprises and make your purchase from the specialist who can provide you with professional advice and a reliable used safe. Who can inform you better than the specialist who opens safes every day? Van den Hoogen Security is brand-independent and knows the strengths and weaknesses of all safe products. You don't want to find out about this after the fact, once the harm has already been done. oke You'll find an extensive assortment of reliable second-hand safes in our Security Center.