Listed buildings

Architectural changes to listed buildings are often complicated. But not impossible. We have come up with and implemented bespoke solutions that are both beautiful and strong, in cooperation with architects and municipal authorities.

You'll find a number of these bespoke solutions below. Click on the photos for an enlargement.

Electrically operated sliding windows

Electrically operated sliding windows (sledgehammer-proof) have been installed in this building without affecting the window frames. The exterior remains unchanged (the photo at left was the existing situation).

Electrically operated sliding skylights

We developed electrically operated skylights (sledgehammer-proof) for this building. The roofline could not protrude above the existing roofing tiles. Because of this requirement, all the facade suppliers gave up. Why? Because this required that the windows had to open to the inside and, for this reason, they couldn't guarantee that they would be watertight. We developed a closure solution with perfect results.

'Antique' reinforced doors

'Antique' reinforced interior and exterior doors, motor-driven or otherwise, make for a stylish security measure. We copy the existing door profiles and make the door into a reinforced, break-in-resistant barrier, without this all being noticeable.

Historic wooden windows that open to the inside

Historic wooden windows that open to the inside are beautiful, but can't withstand a break-in from a crowbar or sledgehammer. They can't be made to withstand this, either. That's why we developed laminated windows inlaid with steel. With the original mullion form on or in the glass and without parallax (visual differences). The windows are identical to the old widows, but then tough as nails.

Strongroom doors

Strongroom doors are components of a reinforced escape space to which people can retreat in case of emergency. We make reinforced doors, walls, roofs and floors. From light to extremely heavy - depending on your situation and wishes - so that they can withstand the most violent attack techniques. These (steel) doors can be finished so that they match the interior and are barely noticeable or not at all.

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