Break-in-resistant, bullet-resistant and/or explosion-resistant glazing

beveiligingsbeglazing Special security glass provides extra protection against break-in. Against attacks with weapons. And even against bombing attacks and the attending pressure wave. After the alarm, special glazing helps to achieve the delay necessary to tide you over until the police, for example, have arrived.

Good news... for criminals

But enough of the good news. Did you know that this security glazing is tested only with a small (2 kg) hammer or hatchet? The criminals are still laughing. And then they head off to work with a hammer weighing 5 kg. With this, they can smash the 'security glazing' out of its frame in just a few seconds! Most companies don't have a solution for this. We do, however.

Security installation: both break-in resistant and sledgehammer-proof

In cooperation with a bank, we have developed a security placement method that is, indeed, sledgehammer-proof. You'll see more about this method in this film. Despite its safety, the regular channels have not adopted this method. This is because we deviate from the factory guidelines which means that, in case of damage, the factory will not provide a guarantee.

We consider security paramount - not the factory guarantee. That's why our security installation takes heavy weapons into account. And we provide the guarantee ourselves on the security glazing that we install.

Bulletproof glazing with extra protection

Bulletproof glazing must be able to withstand various sorts of standard weapons and ammunition. But did you know that a smart criminal can shoot through the toughest bulletproof glazing with .22 calibre ammunition? Hardly secure! If you run the risk of being assaulted by this type of criminal, then we take the appropriate measures for this. We offer bespoke solutions that go further than the standard bulletproof glazing because, in certain situations, 'standard' does not protect sufficiently.

Explosion-resistant glazing that stands up

Explosion-resistant glazing must be able to withstand explosions. But did you know that, if a criminal applies a shear explosive in the right way, the explosion-resistant glazing is history within a couple of seconds? CEN-NEN standards fail on this point. We know the clever attack techniques that criminals use in practice. And we know how to counter these adequately.

Why security installation?

Security installation prevents weak spots in the shield of security. So that the break-in or bullet-resistant glazing also truly provides additional protection. Because if the entire structure is not designed for heavy-duty violence, then the surface will still fail at its weakest link.

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