Gaining entrance with explosives

For years, criminals have used explosives to gain access to bank vaults. These days, residences are also the target. Criminals are resourceful and use increasingly rougher methods to execute their plans. Unfortunately, the standards-setters have been unable to make binding agreements with the criminals. So the criminals often succeed!

Make a residence explosion-proof?

Making an entire residence explosion-proof requires a huge effort. An effort that's at the expense of the design and of the user-friendliness of the facade elements. Still, good security is possible. How? By combining early detection with a strong engineered layer and the withdrawal of family members to a reinforced space (strongroom or panic room). There, they can safely await the arrival of the police, as long as this reinforced space can stand up to an attack with explosives. And, unfortunately, that's rarely the case. Nearly all reinforced spaces (walls, roof, floor and doors) that are available on the market can be opened with explosives in just a few seconds. Not ours!

Explosion-resistant products

Van den Hoogen Security has a broad range of products that protect you and your family members from an attack with explosives. We commission our own testing of these products so that your safety is guaranteed.

A look at explosives tests




With these tests, we determine the resistance of various types of walls and doors against various explosives in differing quantities.

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