Locking plan

sleutel A locking plan indicates who has access to which space with which key (badge or tag). Think, for example, of parents, children, babysitters, cleaners, gardeners, family members and any security service. With a single key, they can come in to all spaces for which they are authorised. In addition, there is usually a main key that fits into all locks (cylinders).

Criminals don't work according to standards

Criminals are smart. That's why, depending on the risk, we take into account the many remarkable techniques that criminals use to avail themselves of a working key:

  • Taking pictures (from a distance) of a key on a keychain
  • Copying or making an impression of a key via the children (sports club)
  • (Forced) removal and temporary placement of a system cylinder in a remote gate, port, barn or padlock (reverse engineering)
  • Decoding cylinders using scoop techniques
  • Making impressions of cylinders (possibly with the foil technique) in order to make a working 'key'
  • Attacks with bump key techniques, scoop techniques and/or combination techniques
  • Etc.

Practical safecracker's knowledge for extra security

Countering these techniques requires extensive and, above all, practical safecracker's knowledge. Knowledge of opening techniques that is not included in the standards. We have this knowledge. And we incorporate this knowledge in our locking plans. We also make changes in the protected cylinders so that a criminal's purchase of a similar cylinder does not yield the correct information. For extra protection, the resupply and copying of keys, along with correspondence about this, occurs via our specialised management department - i.e. outside regular channels. All extra measures to guarantee your security and our success.

Locking plan matrix

A locking plan matrix is a handy aid for drawing up a locking plan. It's an Excel document in which you specify both users and spaces. You indicate with checkmarks who has access to which space.
An example of a filled-in locking plan matrix (pdf, Dutch)
An example of a filled-in locking plan matrix (pdf, English)
An empty locking plan matrix to fill in yourself (pdf)


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The first step toward a proper locking plan really is that easy.
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Van den Hoogen Security comes up with good ideas during the consultancy phase and with the solutions' ease-of-use. One key for multiple locks. The after care is also great.