High Risk residential security

Because of your profession, achievements or background, others may perceive you as a VIP. It's a status that carries risks that extend as far as your living environment. We inventory those risks. And we arrive at a package of protective measures via a solid security plan.

Higher risks, smarter criminals

With High Risk residential security, the expected attack techniques are heavier or more intelligent than the standard MO anticipated by the Dutch (NEN) and European (CEN) standards. In other words: the criminals are smarter and they use bigger weapons. And there's no proper regulation that covers all aspects of security. That's why High Risk corporate security requires a cooperative approach by professionals in the areas of engineering, organisation and electronics. With the objective of reducing security risks. So that your home is a safe harbour.

Cooperation prevents weak links

In this cooperative approach, Van den Hoogen Security takes care of the engineering aspects. And preferably the coordination of the entire security project. In this, we work with the top partners in the industry. The advantage of this is that you have a single point of contact, so that the coordination proceeds perfectly. And the reliability and effectiveness of the combined security measures are optimal. Important, since the chain of security is only as strong as the weakest link.

Personal protection

High Risk residential security usually concerns more than just protecting money and property. In addition - or, perhaps, in particular - the residents themselves are important targets. This demands measures that are specifically focused on protecting people.

Strongrooms | escape spaces

homevipwoonhuis Alarms and a strongly engineered barrier are the basis for proper security. A reinforced escape route (strongroom or panic room) provides additional protection. In emergency situations, you - along with your partner or family - can safely retreat here. After an alarm via the break-in alarm system, you can wait there for the police or security company to arrive. The escape space can be equipped with special equipment for alerting the alarm services. And with a detection or camera security system so that you can see what is going on in your home.

The usefulness of strongrooms

Depending on where you live and the time a break-in occurs, the police response time can often be 30 minutes or more. Achieving an equivalent time of delay through the walls is valuable. In general, against heavy-duty violence, we advise a time of delay through the wall of between three and five minutes. These precious minutes provide you the time to retreat to the safe strongroom to await the arrival of the police. An escape space can be any space in the home: a bedroom, office, bathroom, kitchen or basement.

In our (burglary-tinted) view, securing an escape space with those strongroom doors, closures and walls that are available as a standard in the market is a cosmetic exercise. These products may satisfy the conventional standards, but criminals rarely stick with what is conventional. This means that these products provide insufficient protection as soon as they are attacked in a non-standard way. And that chance is significant.
Welgestelde familie (Quote 500):

There have been 55 break-ins in the neighbourhood in the past 3 months. They tried a couple times at our place, too, but they don't get in.