Residential security

Home break-ins have a serious impact. In the material sense they result in the loss of money and possessions, a house in chaos and broken windows or doors. There's also the emotional damage. The idea that strangers have been in your home. That they've pawed through your things. That family heirlooms, jewelry or other items with emotional value are gone. Good residential security can prevent a lot of heartache.

Security goes beyond just alarms

Good security goes beyond simply installing alarms. It makes sense: it's not the house that gets stolen. Alarms provide a signal, but don't prevent theft - hit and run burglaries are proof of that. So an architectural barrier is also needed to keep criminals out or slow them down. Otherwise, they've already made off with your things by the time the police or security service have arrived. The only thing they can do then is make a report of what's missing. A so-called "autopsy". We prevent this for you by placing a burglary-resistant, engineered barrier.

Less chance of a break-in

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We can provide your home with a BORG certificate. Homes with this certification have up to 90% more chance of resisting a break-in! The Safe Living police certificate only extends to security level B.0. Prefer a higher level of security? Then we can also provide your home with the higher (BORG) security levels B.1, B.2 or B.3.



Above these security certificates, we place our own Van den Hoogen Security standard. So that security remains in place when it's really needed.

Van den Hoogen Security standard: for absolute security

Certificates mean that we meet the rated quality and security requirements. We go the extra mile. We focus on your specific situation, with the realisation that burglars could care less about the standards. This means that you get engineered security that not only scares away burglars, but that also stands up to a break-in. That's the Van den Hoogen Security standard. One of the reasons that jewelers, museums, banks and secured transport services also work with us.

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Senior security consultant at an independent consultancy:

People often don't realise that just signalling (burglar alarm) is not enough. After the signal, there must also be an architectural barrier to keep criminals out until the police or security service arrives.